Important Rules for Effective Android Application Development India


With the fast development of Android, it is significant to think about the performance of the application. A top performing application is possible just when it works mistake free. To confirm that Android developers are able to ensure their application before introducing it, Android SDK also comprises various tools for clear up the word class, which can simply identify performance troubles in Android applications.

Android applications designed for laptops and even portable devices which include smartphones, which come with their restrictions linked to loading as well as storage, needs that professional Android application developers develop applications that primarily focus on reliability as well as effectiveness. One of the best ways to calculate the performance of the application on Android is simply the battery life, in case your application is not as useful, battery life of the Android mobile will cut down easily. So it is sturdily suggested that you optimize the performance of your application for improved battery life.

Check the most important 8 golden rules for useful Android Application Development India, pursued by Android developers during the procedure to boost the performance of their applications:

  • First of all, the focus should be on optimizing the performance of your application for Android, is to simply avoid other things that are not necessary for your application. Lots of fresher Android developers sometimes overlook such things linked to the application and so wind up with an application that is not all that high-quality.
  • Do not make something simply as you have to create something in fact try to generate something significant. When Android application development is completed simply for the sake of it then the application is terrible and will not be able to amaze its users.
  • Keep away the virtual method calls if possible, when making use of the C / C ++, it’s a fine idea to use getter or setter approaches instead of straightly accessing the fields to usage; as this will compel some limitations on the accessibility of application. However, with Android, it is not fine to call virtual approaches within the class. It is better to use the virtual approaches calls to the public instead of the class.
  • Decrease the complexity of the layout complexity and keep things simpler. It is best idea to follow to confirm that your Android application development project is an ultimate success.
  • When it comes to designing it is fine to make use of the test Relative Layout or Grid Layout so as to make a simple layout which is also quite simple to understand. It will surely assist in boosting the performance of your request in Android.
  • You should try to develop an index of the record to know about the queries for your application.
  • It is better to use a recompiled SQL statement or even careers that are sometimes used.
  • You should try some of the native approaches if they are required.

So, it is important to check the necessary guidelines or advice mentioned above to assist Android application developer in their Android App Development India job so as to make optimized applications.
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5 Important Predictions Hoped in 2017 with E-commerce Trends

The market of e-commerce is regularly updating with better discovery, logistics, technology, as well as special things available to shop. In this blog, we will read more about the predictions for e-commerce in upcoming 2017.


Artificial Intelligence

These days, artificial intelligence is achieving a positive where it is helpful for a number of people and assisting them in their regular life. The availability of digital assistants which includes Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Assistant has found users to talking to machinery.

This will directly force E-commerce as the starting positive of the research procedure may be gradually performed by chatting to a personal supporter. Various assistants will quickly answer in specific ways: moreover, Echo will fail to pay to Amazon product web pages as well as assessments; on the other hand, Google Home will count in the top search result.

It is important that Ecommerce brands give an important attention on how such developments modifies the journey of the buyer and familiarizes yourself before the sweep of users turns into a flood.


All introducing combines bots is offered by the social media websites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Google to provide assistance help with shopping, ordering and customer service. The first of our e-commerce trends sees a consumer beginning to turns common with chatting to machines.

As a matter of fact, Facebook at present has more than 11,000 chatbots, although data on their use is indefinite as yet.

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.

Possibly, you get bored from about the shift to mobile in end-of-year e-commerce trends positions, but that recurrence doesn’t signify this isn’t a valid movement. In 2016, mobile traffic has passed desktop on the internet. Moreover, internet giant Google is also putting more stress on mobile-first web directory. Such modification implies that it is additional significant than ever to make the mobile practice as fine as possible. Gradually more that implies putting mobile at the first, instead of just optimizing for mobile.

Mobile Payment and Loyalty Apps

The smartphones are doing the magic as mobile payments are on high. It has modernized the system of payments and adjoined a loyalty program – anything that commentators in other nations have been disposed of. The success of e-commerce website and the need to offer personalization will assist to create loyalty and payment apps gradually more common.

Same day delivery – Positive Point

The year 2017 will surely witness the increase of same-day delivery and online orders. Many new reports show that customers are ready to pay even extra for delivery in 24 hours.

While Amazon Prime starts the trend, give of delivery choices will boost in significance as an e-commerce changer. Postmates and UberRush are two top brands that are looking to cash in on this e-commerce development.

Delivery, as well as returns, has always been one of the problematic things about online shopping experience but steps have been followed to turn delivery quick and easy.

The above mentioned 5 predictions for the year 2017 will actually work. For active businesses, it is important to consider them for better outcomes.


Important Tools of E-commerce Website Development


There are several important features one should look for in an eCommerce web development company. A successful ecommerce website depends on the right development company that delivers the functionality, design and features that make it successful. Ecommerce Web Development Company has become a necessity for anyone running an online business and wanting to take their products for online purchase. If you are one of the business owners who want to push their products sale upwards, you need to take your products online through e-commerce website development. There are several companies in this segment. You need to identify which company will help you develop your website in the most effective manner.

Here are some distinct features of eCommerce web development solution that your ecommerce website can benefit from:

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Our Advanced Order Management and Analytic Tools

We employ advanced technology for keeping track of the progress of an ecommerce website such as flexible automated returns, refunds and replacement system. We use analytic tools and reporting to get detailed information about the purchase and sale down to a click. We keep track of the number of unique visitors, conversion rates, geographical details, device preference and others. We offer the following reports and services through our advanced technology:

  • Retail-Enabled Metrics & Reports
  • Distributed Order Management (DOM)
  • Cross Channel Self-Service
  • Retention Management / Continuity

Constant Improvement through Our Built-In Search Engine Optimization

We provide search engine optimization service to your ecommerce website in order to benefit you with improved rank in search engines of Google, Yahoo and Bing. We utilize latest SEO tools and stay in touch with latest techniques to improve ranking of your website within three months. We take care of both on-site and off-site optimization in order to improve the visibility, usability and accessibility of an ecommerce website. We take care of the following elements through our Search Engine Optimization tools:

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  • Google Analytics Management
  • Custom Page URLs
  • Search Engine Friendly Links
  • Prioritized XML Sitemap
  • Meta Keywords And Description
  • Editable Robots.Txt File
  • Meta Title

Management of Coupons and Discount Offers

In the face of increased competition in the ecommerce industry, every website owner wants to attract maximum share of customers. This has caused an increase in the number of discounts offered by different websites as well as brought several attractive coupons to lure customers to their own site. We take care of your promotional activities through coupons and discounts. We manage different types of discounts from sales to dynamic pricing rules to provide your business with the benefits of promotions. We manage multiple campaigns to re target customers using the following services and tools:

    • Rule-Based Promotions
    • Flexible Catalog Display
    • Time-Limited Promotional Campaigns
    • Customer Groups With Pricing Rules
    • Discounted Shipping
    • Minimum Quantity Purchasing
    • Tracked Coupon Codes

We Manage Ecommerce with Latest Apps and Third Party Integration Tools

We aim to make your eCommerce website meet the demands of the growing business needs through our ecommerce solutions. To achieve this aim, we take help of useful application by integrating them in your eCommerce website. Such application includes Facebook, Mail chimp and Constant Contact. You are not charged any extra amount for these search engine optimization tools, features of product reviews and other marketing tools.

The Significance of eCommerce Website Designing

ecommerce web designing

Day by day, the world is transforming right into a digital platform and the majority of people are becoming online. Users and brands are joining this stage like a revolt in every way they can whether it is social media, blogging, or even browsing. The companies which didn’t focus on this till now, they are most surely behind their competitors. In the absence of a digital presence, you can’t have a great blow in the market. Here, comes the significance of the ecommerce site that allows all the features as well as benefits a company and their user should engage and create future decisions.

An ideally designed and even developed eCommerce website would have all the fundamental and difficult features to facilitate simple to navigation, tracking information and sharing better experience all the time user lands on it. It includes an astonishing graphics in conjugation with striking copy writing which is hard to overlook. You can show and do some kinds of sale on a stationary site also, but dynamic websites are advised for offering better service. On active ones, you can easily personalize the modifiable things and add products with varying discounts as well as offers.

It is a distinctive approach to present such experience what fascinates your target audience and timely them to come back once more. Thank you page, followup email or digital marketing plays a significant role in calling back to their landing page which implies for a regular flow of income as well as satisfaction of the customers. It is better to create various payment options, tracking choices for orders, and you can also store their information for offering personalized service next time. It also helps you to bring some advanced features.

The main languages for ecommerce website designing are Magento, PHP and python among others. Many of the languages cost money such as Magento and Zen cart, and some like PHP and Drupal are available for free of usage.

Contact an expert ecommerce website development company like Prasad Solutions who assures for best quality services.


4 Tips to Consider While Looking for the Best eCommerce Website Development Company


In present highly competitive world, it is quite important to start an understanding with your clients, present or prospective. Just making a website is not sufficient. This age of eCommerce offer various products and services online to maintain connection with your clients and to maintain them from departing to your competitors. However, a straightforward website would not offer advantages that you are looking to see your business produce. You should eCommerce web development professionals who would assist you in boosting sales and increasing the earnings.

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Ecommerce Website Development solution engages different jobs that comprise content management system, checkouts, shopping carts, secure payment gateways and similar activities. Thus, you should require the help of companies that focus in eCommerce website development.

Have a look on important tips with eCommerce web Development Company:

Experience: the top thing that you should consider is the experience of the selected company. Undoubtedly, a professional company assists in making marketing strategies and plans that would support your business to meet the new heights of success. Also check the past work of the company.


Flexible: when you searching for a e-commerce web development company that offers the best eCommerce service, you should find out whether they are bendy or not. Specific companies are severe and do not like to turn their marketing policies as necessary by the clients. Always give preference to a company that is providing flexible services along with personalized solutions with respect to your needs.

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Quality Output: Nobody wishes to get stuck with a company that gives below-average results. In this highly competitive world, there is a need of unique and high quality services. Choose a company that assures for good returns on investment.

Professional Staff: when looking for a reliable e-commerce website development company, always give preference to experienced and informed staff. Assigning the significant task of website development to a green and untrained group can spoil your business plans.

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How to find the right ecommerce website development company?

For sustained growth of your online business, you’ll have to be compelled to make certain that your website is each engaging and user-friendly. It’s wherever an online style company comes into image

Taking our business online offers the variety of advantages. However, it demands a possible net property- that’s a website. You’ll have your website’s style necessities met with efficiency, however given that you have got a reliable service supplier by your face.

Ecommerce development

Read on to understand regarding the items to think about once longing for an online designer-

  • Check out the Previous Works

The style of all inventive net designers differs from each other. Hence, it necessary that you simply bear the previous works of the corporate, before you fix the deal. Make certain their vogue aligns along with your expectations which it’s excellent for your complete.

Ecommerce Web Development

  • Talk with the Skilled Regarding Your Vision and Wishes

A good ecommerce website development India company can perceive the aims and wishes of the business higher so as to return up with a design, which will facilitate your business grow. Discuss regarding the vision of your complete and what all components you’ll need to your website. This may assist you to fathom the capabilities of the skilled higher. An excellent designer can perceive regarding the company, its goals, and wishes higher.

  • Be Realistic Regarding Claims

It isn’t the task of the corporate to require your website on prime of computer program results. Their job is to code the website properly exploitation potential SEO ways. Be extraordinarily weary of the designer that guarantees to require your website to the direct.

How to use the android app services in my mobile?

Do you find some problem in downloading the apps on your mobile? Do you feel any kind of problem in operating an android app? Are you new to the android world? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then here is the solution for you all is the online stores!


Today’s world is the world which is full of android apps. Today, everyone, whether an adult or be it kids, has an android phone. Even if you leave android phone, all the laptops, computers in the office, the GPS systems in the cars and what not! Every device is just full of android apps and there is no way getting out of it!

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If you want android app solutions,then go to some online store, so there is no need to go anywhere! You can simply sit at home and learn how to handle these apps at home, at your own convenience! Doesn’t this sound great? If yes, then please log in to these websites today and give all your problems to them and take solutions from them.

The other solution that you can have from the websites is the android applications solutions. Now you must be thinking that how is this possible that one online store has the solution to all these problems? It is because it is one of the best online stores and the most trust-able store as well. There is nothing about android apps that this online store doesn’t know!

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You are really going to like these websites. These are such easy websites that you will not face any kind of problem in the websites. All the options are clearly written and they have been explained in a great detail, so that, it becomes really very easy for you to understand these options! You must be thinking that how is this possible? But yes, it is possible with the help of the online stores!

So, what are you waiting for? Simply, log on to this websites and know the android app solutions and the android app development solutions on these websites! Don’t think that it is an exaggeration of something, just log in to these websites and you will surely feel the difference! This is a great opportunity for you all! Just go for this online store today!

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Ecommerce Development Company – Friendly for Great Success Online


Ecommerce allows people to create and offer online selling of goods as well as services. An attractive website brings the attention of the visitors and attracts them to purchase the products. A website should be straight forward to use by the non-technical people as well.  It should be friendly as well as user-friendly to navigate the web portal.

The ecommerce development business put efforts on different factors to make the online business noticeable and get great success. Have a look on some important factors:

  • The ecommerce Web Development Company design or re-design the web portal, to make them striking and user-friendly.
  • The optimization of the web portal is also carried out by these companies making use of the technique known as Search Engine Optimization.
  • The ecommerce company turns the payment gateway of the website protected and secure. It uses different payment approaches such as a Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
  • The Off-page optimization is also completed in order to make the website admired and to boosts sales. This is completed with the help of the social media as well as forum posting.
  • Constant updating of the products as well as the blog posts is performed to make the website fresh according to the present technology.

The Ecommerce Website Development India Company offers personalized services for their clients. However, if the company has previously developed a website and wishes to have a review on it, then the ecommerce development company is all set to give services similar to this. The responsibility of the ecommerce development company is extremely significant for the development of the online business. Not just the well developed industrialist, but also a fresher can make utmost profit with the assistance of ecommerce development companies.

These days, it is compulsory to have a strong online presence. This is significant for making endurance in the competitive market.

Ecommerce Website Development India – Highly Proficient Services for Better Online Standing


If you are planning to create a successful and proficient online store, then you need support from ecommerce web developers that will support you in the formation of your website considering all the factors necessary to fetch utmost profits as well as increase sales. Here, have a look on the chief prospective that should be considered by every website owner before appointing Ecommerce Website Development India services-

  1. Choose Specialized Companies – An ecommerce website is considered as a long-term project and needs regular assistance with regular addition and removal of products from the stock, cost changes and introduction of different deals as well as discounts. This task can be only completed with the assistance who people who have proficiency and comprehensive skills of your website as well as its content. Thus, go for website companies who have previously specialized in this field in its place of freelancers or associates. Always give priority to a reputable company for your work as companies having good name in the market are always considered for satisfying their clients.
  2. Time limits – You should confirm that the developers appointed by you will be capable to complete the assigned task within specific time limits and give you with the product within the particular date. In the present conditions, time is money and no one is going to hang around for a long time for your web portal to launch.
  3. Estimation of cost – Before engaging into any sort of commitment as the company to be see-through about the cost that will be concerned. Always select Ecommerce Web Development Services that give extra services such as web hosting, graphic design and copy writing without any hidden charges. These sorts of additional services are a blessing for people looking to come up as a chief store on the on-line stage. You should make sure that the service you find is worth every penny spent by you.