SEO Study Shows High Click Through Rates with the Combination of Specialized SEO and PPC

SEO and PPC Services

As a matter of facts, it is indeed undeniably true that the struggles towards earning a very brilliant reputation, traffic and achieving a worthwhile success from the online community has indeed never been as easy as some persons might have imagined.

The Bing multinational search engine giants recently published a result which has been derived from the last research which was conducted on its platform some Six Months ago (December 2014). The research was basically referring to the comparison of the effects of the duo of Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per click Marketing or Advertising, and its relationship to Clicks and Impressions made to and fro a website.

According to the Bing Platform, It was indeed observed that the combination of the both advertising and Marketing strategies was indeed a mind-blowing one. The results readily yielded a very high result and performance.

Combining PPC ads while also investing and devoting the time and energy required in the management of Organic Searches (Search Engine optimization) could really be an effective method or way to increase clicks to your websites, blogs and online businesses.

Bing further made it clear that retailers and business people should not only hope to spend money and funds paying for search engine directories but also urges them to invest a good amount of money in the quest to get better redirects to there various websites

It is quite very through and obvious that a great number of clicks can come to a website or an online store to patronize as a result of Proper and Professional Search Engine Optimization logics and application of common sense. Likewise can a massive ton of traffic can also be experienced or observed through running a sophisticated PPC.

But the Logic fort portrayed and explicated by the Bing platform could be easily understood from the right dimension, its simply means that the combination of both techniques and strategies would indeed very pleasing, productive and accomplishing than just the application of one.

According to the direct update gotten from the Bing Platform, it is indeed through and incontrovertibly real that customers who visit an average healthy and well-to-do websites are higher than 60% when he ratio percentage is defined. Meaning that people really clicked on the a website, company or business’s brand search result, perhaps due to an increase in the visibility or the keyword ranking on the search engine.

While an approximately estimated 40% of clicks could also be coming in from appropriately optimized Pay Per Click ads from either Search Engine ad servings or other ad serving networks.

Though it is incontrovertibly true that the best and ever reliable traffic a business could receive should be the search engine traffic, especially for unique increased clicks and impressions, but however it is never as easy as said or connoted. A lot of hassles and quandary are often come across in the process or procedure of trying to rank higher, especially amidst several obstreperous and obstinately challenging contenders in the game. Search engine results are sure to catapult your visibility, your sales, your ranking, your reputes and in fact every other honorary degree you might be yelling to acquire in the online community. That is SEO for you!!! It also allows you to remain on top of the list for as long as possible, provided you are propelled naturally to whatever position you might have noticed or discovered.

PPC Services

Brief Comparison between (Organic Search Results) SEO and PPC

PPC or SEO the question remains which one should you consider as the most effective and yielding, while also considering some few factors like logistics and other variants. Just like stated in the Bing Big Exposure, the research showed that with both the PPC paid listing and the Organic Search technique, it was observed that 49 % of the unique Clicks went further to Organic search listings while another set percentage of 42 was sure to have further gone to the Paid ad listings. This further illustrates that the percentage different in between them is 7%, which typically shows that Organic Search or Natural ranking still pays more.

Another interesting but simply important logic here is this, moving your company, business platform to higher ranking on organic Searches could be a lot more easier and better if you have the required manpower and logic involved. This also involves understanding the series of Keyword and Brand scuffle and Battle which is sure to come-by along the line. Sometimes you have to really stake something in order to achieve another, which is how it is also often done in the quest to take the lead especially in your target keyword, brand, niche and trademark.

The Benefits of Clicks to your Business and Sites

Clicks like we all know is the most important every online business, Storefront or Trade needs to survive. Especially in this modern day advanced technology and competition full market and industry. How else can an Ecommerce Business, Blog Online portal etc just name it, gain there financial freedom and growth without ever crying out loud for clicks from unique prospects, Internet surfers, Online visitors etc.

It is sure that it is only when people click on your website links that they are only being redirected to your website to further know what you are unto, what information you indeed have to pass across to them, and other things like that. Except for some renowned and notable brands whose names might have sunk fully into the minds of the people, only then can people or visitors automatically arrive at your website or platform without any referral link or the other.


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