The Three Most Important Web Analytics Tools for Ecommerce Website


In today’s changing times and competitive market, it has become increasingly important for you to understand your customers and their buying behaviour. These insights and user behaviour crux’s help the marketers in growing their business further. Also, this valuable information gives the competitive advantage to the business. Proper analysis helps you understand whether you are in line with your customer’s requirement and are your deployed methods effective or not. To perform this analysis the analyst needs to use some tools. Some of the most commonly and effectively used data tools are

Google Analytics

The flagship offering by Google is one of the most widely used analytics platforms in the ecommerce web development industry. It is known for its simple yet robust analytical platform. In the e-commerce development process, it is very important for any tool to be simple yet effective. In this particular tools, an analyst can track the origination of the visitor and what pages has he visited. It gives a detailed insightful report of the visitor’s life cycle and the journey on your website. Also, it gives a whole detail overview of the where the customers are coming from which page are the leaving the website and what all have they clicked on the website. It is available for free.

Facebook Insights

One of the most indispensable social media platforms for any e-commerce development company is Facebook. It can actually take your business to a greater level. Analysing and understanding the Facebook is an essential part of the marketing strategy of any e-commerce development company. They give an insight on the whole gamut of activities happening on your Facebook page. It is available for free.


Unlike, the former two this platform uses A/B testing to measure and analyse to user behaviour. It lets you track the engagement, clicks, conversion and navigation etc. They aid you meeting your goals in the best possible way. It has a subscription fee attached to it.


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