Testimony the Best Way to Gain Customer Confidence


In today’s digitally evolving world, one can get reviews of any product or services at a click of the mouse. When you plan to buy something or avail a set of services the first thing you look at is the testimonies of that company by its customers. Ecommerce web design companies have come to a conclusion after performing various studies on the topic, stating that testimonies are one of the most creditable ways for gaining confidence of new customers. Testimonies are essentially comments or review shared by users and customers. It has now days become an essential part of the ecommerce website design process. What they do is they prove your point with examples and show your customers what value add you can generate for them.

Collecting Testimonials

A web design development company can gather testimonials from satisfied customers through various means. Once you get these testimonials you can publish them right away. One of the easiest way to collect testimonies is by asking them directly. You can have a link integrated into your website or through email or via social media.

Identifying Effective Testimonials

The biggest screening factor in testimony is the content which the customer has shared. Preferred testimonies would be the one which explains in detail what value has the product imparted to the customer’s life.  Vague and irrelevant review would not bring any positive change in the reader’s outlook. The reviews need to have a total and impactful information about the product and what change did it bring to your life. Any missing information would not leave the necessary impact on the subject.

Completing Testimonials

Any testimonial will carry weight only if it has all the information such as full name, contact number, email id and organization. These details get more wattage to your testimonial and makes it more believable to the reader as it gives a sense of reality in the same. These reviews should be placed at a prominent place on the homepage where can be noticed easily. Also, adding photos of the delighted customers on the testimonials to make them more engaging. Make these sure you have taken the permission from the concerned person with regards to publishing their written content and photos on the website. Publishing the data without prior permission is a fraudulent activity and can draw legal actions against the same.


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