Important Tools of E-commerce Website Development


There are several important features one should look for in an eCommerce web development company. A successful ecommerce website depends on the right development company that delivers the functionality, design and features that make it successful. Ecommerce Web Development Company has become a necessity for anyone running an online business and wanting to take their products for online purchase. If you are one of the business owners who want to push their products sale upwards, you need to take your products online through e-commerce website development. There are several companies in this segment. You need to identify which company will help you develop your website in the most effective manner.

Here are some distinct features of eCommerce web development solution that your ecommerce website can benefit from:

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Our Advanced Order Management and Analytic Tools

We employ advanced technology for keeping track of the progress of an ecommerce website such as flexible automated returns, refunds and replacement system. We use analytic tools and reporting to get detailed information about the purchase and sale down to a click. We keep track of the number of unique visitors, conversion rates, geographical details, device preference and others. We offer the following reports and services through our advanced technology:

  • Retail-Enabled Metrics & Reports
  • Distributed Order Management (DOM)
  • Cross Channel Self-Service
  • Retention Management / Continuity

Constant Improvement through Our Built-In Search Engine Optimization

We provide search engine optimization service to your ecommerce website in order to benefit you with improved rank in search engines of Google, Yahoo and Bing. We utilize latest SEO tools and stay in touch with latest techniques to improve ranking of your website within three months. We take care of both on-site and off-site optimization in order to improve the visibility, usability and accessibility of an ecommerce website. We take care of the following elements through our Search Engine Optimization tools:

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  • Google Analytics Management
  • Custom Page URLs
  • Search Engine Friendly Links
  • Prioritized XML Sitemap
  • Meta Keywords And Description
  • Editable Robots.Txt File
  • Meta Title

Management of Coupons and Discount Offers

In the face of increased competition in the ecommerce industry, every website owner wants to attract maximum share of customers. This has caused an increase in the number of discounts offered by different websites as well as brought several attractive coupons to lure customers to their own site. We take care of your promotional activities through coupons and discounts. We manage different types of discounts from sales to dynamic pricing rules to provide your business with the benefits of promotions. We manage multiple campaigns to re target customers using the following services and tools:

    • Rule-Based Promotions
    • Flexible Catalog Display
    • Time-Limited Promotional Campaigns
    • Customer Groups With Pricing Rules
    • Discounted Shipping
    • Minimum Quantity Purchasing
    • Tracked Coupon Codes

We Manage Ecommerce with Latest Apps and Third Party Integration Tools

We aim to make your eCommerce website meet the demands of the growing business needs through our ecommerce solutions. To achieve this aim, we take help of useful application by integrating them in your eCommerce website. Such application includes Facebook, Mail chimp and Constant Contact. You are not charged any extra amount for these search engine optimization tools, features of product reviews and other marketing tools.


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