5 Important Predictions Hoped in 2017 with E-commerce Trends

The market of e-commerce is regularly updating with better discovery, logistics, technology, as well as special things available to shop. In this blog, we will read more about the predictions for e-commerce in upcoming 2017.


Artificial Intelligence

These days, artificial intelligence is achieving a positive where it is helpful for a number of people and assisting them in their regular life. The availability of digital assistants which includes Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Assistant has found users to talking to machinery.

This will directly force E-commerce as the starting positive of the research procedure may be gradually performed by chatting to a personal supporter. Various assistants will quickly answer in specific ways: moreover, Echo will fail to pay to Amazon product web pages as well as assessments; on the other hand, Google Home will count in the top search result.

It is important that Ecommerce brands give an important attention on how such developments modifies the journey of the buyer and familiarizes yourself before the sweep of users turns into a flood.


All introducing combines bots is offered by the social media websites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Google to provide assistance help with shopping, ordering and customer service. The first of our e-commerce trends sees a consumer beginning to turns common with chatting to machines.

As a matter of fact, Facebook at present has more than 11,000 chatbots, although data on their use is indefinite as yet.

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.

Possibly, you get bored from about the shift to mobile in end-of-year e-commerce trends positions, but that recurrence doesn’t signify this isn’t a valid movement. In 2016, mobile traffic has passed desktop on the internet. Moreover, internet giant Google is also putting more stress on mobile-first web directory. Such modification implies that it is additional significant than ever to make the mobile practice as fine as possible. Gradually more that implies putting mobile at the first, instead of just optimizing for mobile.

Mobile Payment and Loyalty Apps

The smartphones are doing the magic as mobile payments are on high. It has modernized the system of payments and adjoined a loyalty program – anything that commentators in other nations have been disposed of. The success of e-commerce website and the need to offer personalization will assist to create loyalty and payment apps gradually more common.

Same day delivery – Positive Point

The year 2017 will surely witness the increase of same-day delivery and online orders. Many new reports show that customers are ready to pay even extra for delivery in 24 hours.

While Amazon Prime starts the trend, give of delivery choices will boost in significance as an e-commerce changer. Postmates and UberRush are two top brands that are looking to cash in on this e-commerce development.

Delivery, as well as returns, has always been one of the problematic things about online shopping experience but steps have been followed to turn delivery quick and easy.

The above mentioned 5 predictions for the year 2017 will actually work. For active businesses, it is important to consider them for better outcomes.



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